Fashion Cheney Chan “Dream in Bloom”

June 2024, fashion designer Cheney Chan presented his new “Dream in Bloom” collection at the Salle Gaveau concert hall in Paris while Haute Couture Week.

Chinese porcelain, a timeless element, which inspires the designer, is a central inspiration.

For his very first show in Paris, the designer explores the ancient Chinese pottery techniques, the traditional art of shaping and refining.

The collection drew inspiration from 12 characteristics: purity, courage, charm, resilience, endurance, passion, freedom, heroism, independence, clarity, responsibility, and authenticity.

Using flowers and butterflies as motifs, Cheney Chan aimed to reflect the graceful demeanor and diverse life attitudes of modern women.

The number 12 holds symbolic significance, representing the cycle of time and life.

Cheney Chan cleverly integrated this concept with the natural beauty of flowers and butterflies, creating a sense of rebirth and transformation.

“Each flower symbolizes the delicacy and vitality of women; each butterfly embodies their transformation and radiance,” as said in press notes.


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