Fashion Frank Sorbier Haute Couture 2023

Photographer Quentin de Ladelune

Frank Sorbier is the only fashion designer in the world who has been awarded two prestigious honorary titles by the Government of the French Republic:

He is the one and only Maître d’Art (Master of Art) amongst all the fashion designers;

He is one of the very few Grands Couturiers (Haute Couture Fashion label – only 14 designers currently own this label).

Raised in the French Basque Country, at his maternal grand-parents, this is a childhood inspired by his own roots, exploring books of photos, leading to discover that the Couture has always been part of the family spirit : a linen maid fabricating bride’s trousseaux, a seamstress, sheet weavers or even a military uniform tailoring company in Alsace and in  Paris.

Frank Sorbier always innovates. Handling as the needle as the torch, as the fabrics as the metal, from the creation of Haute Couture dresses to the creation of silversmith traies, Frank Sorbier is all at once craftsman and artist.


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