Art Jean Paul Gaultier in Cinematheque

Photographer Olga Gasnier

A film costume exhibition CINEMODE opened its doors in Paris under the direction of Cinematheque FR.
The iconic designer Jean Paul Gaultier was invited as the curator and artistic director.
The expo is dedicated to his friend the filmmaker Tonie Marshall (1951-2020), daughter of actress Micheline Presle, whom Jean Paul Gaultier discovered at 13 on television in «Falbalas» by Jacques Becker (1945).
The film tells the story of a famous Parisian stylist, seducing his models to renew his creative inspiration.
This melodrama, was a real revelation for Jean Paul Gaultier, and his very first fashion school.
The costumes for the film were made by Marcel Rochas – one of the first couturiers to understand that the cinema could serve as a showcase for his creations.
Jean Paul Gaultier debuted as a costume designer in 1945 with the film «Paris Frills», soon he became a real Star Dressmaker creating for «The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover», «Le Charme coincé de la bourgeoisie», «James Blondes», «Sleepy Hollow» etc.
Everybody knows about Gaultier’s creative collaborations with Pedro Almodavor «The Bad Education», Tonie Marshall «Closer to Heaven», Luc Besson «Fifth Element».
The dresses of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn or Catherine Deneuve, the male wardrobe of Marlene Dietrich or the shorts of Rocky, the leotard of Superman, costumes and haute couture are exhibited nearby with pieces in velvet, metal and embroidery, designed by cinephile couturier Jean Paul Gaultier.
A journey through genres and styles, a crossed history of cinema and fashion, where great couturiers and movie stars rub shoulders for a sumptuous parade.
Jean Paul Gaultier expresses himself with impertinence and emotion on the crossed links between fashion and cinema and the films that inspired his vocation as a designer and costume maker.


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6 octobre 2021 – 16 janvier 2022 / La Cinémathèque française, Paris
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