Fashion Gaurav Gupta Haute Couture Hiranyagarbha FW 2024

Photographer Valentina Tupaeva

Gaurav Gupta presented his collection, Hiranyagarbha, at the Paris Haute Couture week held at Palais De Tokyo on July 7th, 2023. The collection draws inspiration from the concept of Hiranyagarbha, which is mentioned in the Vedas – one of the oldest Indian scriptures. Hiranyagarbha refers to the golden womb from which all creation is believed to have originated.

Haute Couture AW 2024 by Gaurav Gupta reflects the idea that all possibilities of metamorphosis exist in the nothingness from which everything arises. It portrays the journey of birth, transformation, realization, and eventual harmony with the cosmos. The collection features a range of materials such as taffetas, chiffon, glass bugle beads, and crystals embellished with traditional Indian embroidery techniques like zardozi, nakshi, and dabka. These materials represent growth and the resilience of being alive. Gaurav Gupta invites us to embrace the stark light within and take a peek into the golden womb.


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