Art Des cheveux et des poils (Hair & Hairs)

Photographer Quentin de Ladelune

The Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris is currently hosting a remarkable exhibition titled Des cheveux et des poils (Hair & Hairs), which delves into the fascinating relationship between hair styles, body hair grooming, and the construction of appearances throughout the centuries. This exhibition is a tribute to hair, a crucial aspect of one’s identity that has been utilized to express fashion, conviction, or protest, invoking deeper meanings such as femininity, virility, and negligence.

With over 600 works spanning from the 15th century to the present day, Des cheveux et des poils explores the themes inherent in the history of hairstyles and the questions related to facial and bodily hair. The event showcases the trades and skills of some of the most iconic figures in hairdressing history, including Léonard Autier, Monsieur Antoine, the Carita sisters, Alexandre de Paris, and studio hairdressers. Alongside these historical legends, contemporary fashion giants like Alexander McQueen, Martin Margiela, and Josephus Thimister are also featured, presenting their spectacular hair-based designs.

The exhibition is being held in the Christine & Stephen A. Schwarzman’s fashion galleries of the MAD Paris, with David Lebreton of the Designers Unit agency creating the scenography. This is an unmissable opportunity to explore the fascinating history of hair and its influence on fashion and identity.

Des cheveux et des poils (Hair & Hairs) exhibition is available at MAD Paris from April 5 to September 17, 2023 at 107, rue de Rivoli 75001. 

Denis BRUNA, Curator in Chief, Fashion and Textile Department, Collections before 1800

David LEBRETON of the Designers Unit Agency

With the support of Wella Company

(main sponsor of the exhibition) and Bleu Libellule, MCB by Beauté Sélection.


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