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Originally, the perfume house was founded in 1923 by Blanche Arvoy, an inspired designer and romantic perfumer. The brand got its name from the contraction of her nickname «Jo» (given by her British husband) and her last name. English, pronounce «Djo-voïiiiil», French, «jo-voi».

The perfumes of the early hours of Jovoy were made for the mistresses of All-Paris of the Roaring Twenties. Opulent fragrances, for women who wanted to be seen, used in quantities now prohibited by modern legislation. Unfortunately, the brand will disappear from the market & perfume lovers memory at the same time as its creator, in the 1960s.

In 2012, François Hénin, a globetrotter, passionate about travel and beautiful materials, chose to buy the «sleeping beauty» to relaunch it’s line of perfumes and scented candles. His ambition was to take Jovoy out of his discretion, but also to satisfy both Parisian and international customers in search of rare & exclusive perfume.

He declined the name and created a concept of a multi-brand store. A new Parisian place where the real connoisseurs can gather, in search of contemporary perfumes conceptualized by great noses or master perfumers … the so-called «niche».

Shaking all the rules established by the industry, Jovoy could not exist without the complicity of the brands, which have chosen the brand as a partner, but also, and above all, without the aficionados of signed perfumes, of exceptional materials.  Today, it has become a true «Land of predilection» for lovers of precious juices and fragrances, and signs it’s undeniable uniqueness every day, with modesty and elegance.

Nearby the Place Vendôme, installed under the arcades of rue de Castiglione, the Jovoy boutique asserts its confidential character. It has become the meeting point for amateurs and professionals; however, it also accompanies curious neophytes, sensitive to beautiful fragrances.

Between a cabinet of curiosities and an art gallery, more than 130 brands and 1,200 scents are presented in a delicate red and black decor. Perfect mix of scents, stories and anecdotes from all over the world! The particularity of the store lies in its selection of brands and fragrances. Often exclusively, sometimes unpublished, always with an intention on the part of the creator, perfumer or artistic director, the leitmotif is to deliver an intimate work that goes off the beaten track. 

A characteristic which represents more than 50% of the references and gives the Parisian boutique a unique place in the market for niche perfumes in Europe. More than a boutique, Jovoy is a must-see address in Paris where the “French” art of living is a very strong signature.

Even though it is nicknamed «The Embassy of Rare Perfumes», Maison Jovoy is a warm & cosy place, accessible to all clients, where people can share easily and discover the magic power of fragrance.

Inspired by collectors, François Hénin’s approach makes the Parisian address an essential reference in the world of Perfumery. Self-proclaimed Ambassador of Rare Perfumes, he exported the brand and opened in France, London, Dubai and Qatar.


JOVOY PERFUMS RARES 4, rue de Castiglione – 75001 Paris – France


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