Culture Philippe Geluck “Le Chat”

Photographer Quentin de Ladelune

In Paris a famous Belgian artist, Philippe Geluck, has decorated Champs-Elysées with 20 magnificent bronze statues of cats in a perfect mix of humour and deep message.
The whole idea came from his famous comic cartoon “Le Chat” (“The cat”).
Each sculpture is installed on its own plinth and measures two meters, showing different actions and emotions. The open air exhibition has been installed to cheer up people during the pandemic situation.
The price of one masterpiece is about 300,000€, some have been purchased for private collections already.
One cat holds a world globe, full of compressed plastic waster, another one plays flute which is actually a branch with a singing bird on it, weightlifter, Cat – San Sebastian with arrows and others. There is also a car smashed by the cat, and not vice versa like it often happens in reality.
The outdoor exhibition will be opened till 9, June 2021. After Paris, all cats travel to Bordeaux, Caen and other European cities. The last stop Brussels – as a part of upcoming collection for Museé de Chat. (Cat’s Museum).


Text by Bogdan Tsyganov


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