Photographer Quentin de Ladelune


Leather goods manufacturer since 1947, Beynat et Janniaux perpetuates artisanal know-how in the former industrial heart of Paris.
Working with very high-quality leathers, the Maison du Patrimoine Vivant has been manufacturing for years the most beautiful pieces for the major luxury brands.
A new page is being written for Maison Beynat et Janniaux, in this very special year that the world is going through. From now on, it is using its exceptional know-how to serve a sophisticated and refined audience who will be able to imagine the product of their dreams, with Vassant brand.
In its Parisian showroom & workshop, the house offers tailor-made products, high-quality leather goods, accessories and even lifestyle & piece of art creations in exotic leather.

Named after Monsieur Vassant, the president of Beynat et Janniaux, Maison Vassant Paris was born out of an unlimited passion for rare materials and handmade expertise.
Passion for leather, for artisanal know-how, the desire to offer items adapted to the requirements of admirers of the most beautiful objects: this is how the history of Vassant Paris was built.

From development and prototyping to the production, all the different stages in the creation of a unique product, consolidate today the expertise of the House.

Vassant Paris wants to pass on the love of its profession to its loyal customers, with the tradition of luxury leather goods manufacture, by precise gestures & by passion.

Everything is made in the workshops in Paris and each model is customizable: choice of leather, colour, stitching thread … This Parisian manufacture is the cradle of Vassant Paris, a place of tradition in the capital of the art of living and luxury. True to its heritage, Vassant Paris nevertheless perpetuates this tradition with a very contemporary vision, keen to constantly innovate.

Vassant Brand works with the finest leathers in the world, available in a wide choice of colours. Alligator, lizard, python or ostrich skins are used to craft luxury items.


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