Fashion Zuhair Murad Haute Couture FW 2023/2024

Photographer Valentina Tupaeva

Zuhair Murad, known for his vibrant and bold collections, stepped out of his comfort zone and embraced the elegance of black. This was a significant change for the designer as he sought to explore new avenues and unlock the boundless expanse of the nocturnal realm.

The night is a mysterious world where secrets and the unseen are revealed by a gentle burst of light. Shimmering stars suspended between the realms of dreams and reality, memories, and sumptuous gatherings evoke ancient sabbaths where freedom reigns supreme. The designer’s creations include a taut velvet jacket with intricate embroidery of glistening silver moths in shades of purple.

The geometric collar adds to the jacket’s vibrancy, reminiscent of the enchanting night. Delicate lace graces the hem of the sleeves, blending seamlessly with the supple texture of the long, high-slit skirt cascading like a waterfall at dusk. The soft black tulle short dress and the silver macrame pants borrow their decorative lines from the outline of an abandoned palace. The designer has brought this palace to life with breathtaking lace and intricate embroidery.

The Zuhair Murad dresses are adorned with a beautiful combination of silver and black patterns, resembling the intricate feathers of a raven. These patterns gracefully wrap around the dresses, creating a sense of delicate motion and captivating allure.

Taking inspiration from the bat, known as the queen of the night, the dresses feature collars that mimic the precise contours of its wings. The collars cast subtle shadows on the cascading tulle, adding depth and dimension to the design.

Zuhair Murad dresses are further enhanced by voluminous capes made from bubble taffeta fabric. These capes add a captivating flair to the overall look, emphasizing the charm of the dresses. The corset, with its unique allure, matches the decorative iron geometric designs, skillfully shaping the body and hinting at sensuality. At the same time, it maintains an air of mystery, keeping the secrets of the night hidden behind the palace gate.

Clusters of roses made from organza bloom on the dresses, creating surreal and alluring bouquets. These roses, in shades of deep red, lilac, and mauve, take on a dark allure under the moonlight.

The thorny stems of the plants in this collection transform into graceful forms, entwining and flirting with moonbeams like delicate silver thread embroidery. They adorn a trouser suit with barbed stripes, evoking a masculine yet fluid aesthetic that is both inviting and forbidden to the touch.

At the junction between a velvet bodice and an opulent skirt adorned with a motif of roses in fil coupé jacquard, a majestic black rose stands tall. In this dark hour, the fauna and flora unleash their fantasies, which can be alternately unsettling and familiar depending on how they are illuminated.

The Zuhair Murad collection exudes an aura of medieval opulence, blending whimsical gothic elements with a distinctly modern flair. The magnetic black color permeates every piece, exuding the very essence of seduction and endlessly captivating with its subdued illumination.

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