Exhibition «The Narcissus Theorem» by Jean-Michel Othoniel

  • Paris, Petit Palais Musee invites for the big Othoniel Studio exhibition «The Narcissus Theorem» presenting 75 new works and iconic masterpieces.
    Jean-Michel Othoniel is a French artist, born 1964, represented by Galerie Perrotin.
    He is famous for his glass sculptures shown worldwide, and he is one of three living artists ever presented in Musee Louvre.
    The event is celebrating the opening of FIAC, founded in Paris in 1974, the International Contemporary Art Fair (Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain).
    Jean Michel Othoniel took halls and gardens of the museum. This is his biggest solo exhibition since 2011. The event is curated by Сhristophe Leribault and Juliette Singer.
    It has been already visited by more than 60,000 art lovers in three weeks.
    «Blue River» – 2021. Is a new installation In the shape of mosaic wave of shimmering blue glass, is welcoming guests of the museum, decorating the main entrance stairway.
    «The Crown of the Night» composed of blown Murano glass beads, the work’s deep blues dotted with reds like a star-studded sky evoke the Queen of the Night, the heroine of Mozart’s opera The Magic Flute. Two overturned hearts, the symbol of romance par excellence, occupy the center of the piece below an enormous mirrored ball—the so-called “frightener”—which is usually used to scare away birds. This ball reflects not only the sculpture itself but the surrounding vault in which it hangs, lending the work a cosmic dimension.
    After the exposition, The Crown of the Night will remain suspended above the museum’s magnificent staircase designed by the architect Charles Girault.
    If in Paris – please discover & enjoy!

    Jean-Michel Othoniel
    The Narcissus Theorem
    Until January 2, 2022
    Petit Palais
    Free entrance


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